Iltyem-iltyem launch

Iltyem-iltyem launch

The day has arrived, and it’s time to launch iltyem-iltyem. The website is now ready for public view, and contains over 400 clips of sign language material from Central Australia. We hope that this website will support Indigenous people in Central Australia to maintain, teach and learn their sign languages. We hope that the website […]

Iltyem-iltyem masthead and logo

The iltyem-iltyem website will be launched at the Batchelor Institute graduation on 6 September 2013. Here is the website masthead, designed by Ben Foley, with artwork from Jenny Green. Thanks also to Jenny Taylor, for the design concept.

Consultation on Iltyem-iltyem launch

The iltyem-iltyem project is progressing well. We are almost ready to publicly launch the website, which now includes over 400 sign language clips. The project held a meeting this week at Ti Tree with the pilot team and everyone agreed to make all their clips available to the public. This means that people interested in […]

Iltyem-iltyem in Land Rights News December 2012

Here’s a story about the Ti Tree sign team who are working on the Iltyem-iltyem project. It appeared in Land Rights News December 2012 edition.

Home based recording studio for sign language, Gail Woods and Lizzie Ellis on the right. Lizzie Ellis reviews her recording footage. Today the iltyem-iltyem project extended its range into the Western Desert language Ngaanyatjarra, spoken around Tjukurla (on the WA side of the border between NT and WA). Lizzie Ellis, Gail Woods and Margaret Carew […]

Here are some screen grabs from the developing iltyem-iltyem website. The image on the left shows a category page, showing a couple of signs in the category ‘animal’, flagged by thumbnail images generated by the website from the first frame of the clips. On the right the image is of a clip playing of the […]

The Iltyem-iltyem blog has been pretty quiet lately. However, we have been working away steadily on the architecture for the new version of the iltyem-iltyem website. After a pilot phase with the Ti Tree language team developing the website concept and testing technical parameters, we have been designing and building a website which presents sign […]

This photograph shows Elsie Numina reviewing footage of her signing iltyem-iltyem, recorded at Wilora this week. At present we are running a resource development pilot with the Ti Tree language team, building a web-based educational resource for sign language. The Ti Tree team are happy with the website idea, however it is apparent that a […]

 In the Wilora workshop we recorded individual signs, as well as longer stretches of signed language, mostly in association with spoken language. Some signers used Anmatyerr as their spoken language while signing – reflecting Anmatyerr and Katyetye based multilingualism at Wilora. In this photo, Gracie Mpetyane reviews her recorded footage, while Jenny Green and Janie […]