SIL’s new sign language app, called SooSL

Here is a link to an article about exciting new developments for sign language apps. This was published on the SIL website and describes two new apps produced by the Asia Pacific Sign Language Development Association. One of them is ViBi Player, which plays the sign translated portions of the Japanese Sign language bible on phones and tablets.

A quote from the article about SIL’s own sign language apps:

A team of SIL staff are working on a program called SooSL, which is designed to support the creation of video-based dictionaries for sign languages. A development team composed of four people (one Deaf and three hearing) is refining the program’s search capabilities so that users can search for a sign in the database according to the characteristics of how the sign is made. This will enable users to find the sign they are looking for without needing to know the sign’s closest spoken-language equivalent. The team is also producing a demonstration database of American Sign Language (ASL) signs to be distributed with the first release of the program, tentatively scheduled for 2015. SIL’s Albert Bickford comments, “SooSL meets a very important need, as Deaf people in many languages want to make dictionaries. It will, I believe, have far-reaching positive effects on Deaf communities, enabling them to document and promote their sign languages.”