Four sign language posters on the theme of kinship have recently been published by Batchelor Press. They represent Maningrida/Central Arnhem Land languages Ndjébbana, Gun-nartpa and Burarra, Kuninjku and Kune, Wurlaki and Djinang. The posters feature a range of kin signs including those for husband/wife, siblings, parents, grandparents, in-laws, cross-cousins and avoidance kin such as ‘poison cousins’. The posters were illustrated by Jennifer Taylor and the poster design was by Chris Storey.

The production of these posters brings together a number of organisations and individuals who have worked together over several years, including over 30 language speakers working with Lúrra Language and Culture at Maningrida College, along with linguists and language workers. The Maningrida Action Project was coordinated by Margaret Carew (Batchelor Institute) and Jennifer Green (University of Melbourne, RUIL, CoEDL) with the assistance of Carolyn Coleman (Lúrra Language and Culture).

Ndjébbana kinship sign poster

Link to the posters:  Gun-nartpa and Burarra,  Kuninjku la Kune, NdjébbanaWurlaki ga Djinang