Signing ‘size’

Ngaanyatjarra linguist Lizzie Ellis explains how different sized lizards are signed. She uses the same basic hand shape for, with size indicated by the amount of spread of the fingers and the amount of hand movement.

Ngaltutjarra ‘poor thing’

Ngaanyatjarra linguist Lizzie Ellis describes the way that Ngaanyatjarra people use the word ngaltutjarra  to express empathy. People say this word with a particular quality of voice, and use mouth and eye expressions alongside.

Recorded in 2012, with Gail Woods and Margaret Carew.

Cindy Jinmarabynana | Maningrida Sign Language

Filmed during the Sign Languages workshop at the WANALA meeting, Alice Springs in May-June 2016.

Sign in the Hansen River, 2014

In this film, April Pengart Campbell and Clarrie Kemarr Long use speech and sign to discuss some of the ways that Anmatyerr people use sign language. This film was made by Jenny Green and linked to a story on Indigenous Language projects written by Amanda Burdon for Australian Geographic magazine in 2014.

Tjukaparti James | A film by Charlotte Haywood

The video work features the Pitjantjatjara Senior Law Woman and artist Tjukaparti James from Docker River, Northern Territory. The hand signs she uses are Pitjantjatjara. She uses hand signs to express: kangaroo, swimming, bush turkey, emu, man, woman….

This work was exhibited by artist Charlotte Haywood, as part of her show Green Influx.

Mum eats cake


This film is called Mwekel mern cake arlkwem ‘Mum eats cake’. Eileen Pwerrerl Campbell demonstrates the signs for CAKE and BISCUIT, along with MWEK / MOTHER, MERN / FOOD and ARLKWEM / EAT. CAKE has a similar handshape to MWEK / MOTHER, but Eileen shows how these two signs are different.

April Campbell introduces Iltyem-iltyem at the WANALA Conference, Broome, September 2014

In this video, April Campbell and Clarrie Long talk about their community at Ti Tree in Central Australia. They describe some reasons why iltyem-iltyem ‘sign language’ is an important part of communication for Anmatyerr people.

Overview of the Iltyem-iltyem project, WANALA Conference, Broome, September 2014

Margaret Carew describes the Iltyem-iltyem ‘Central Australian Sign Language Project’ at the WANALA Conference in Broome, September 2014

Ti Tree language and culture projects, WANALA Conference, Broome, September 2014

April Campbell and Clarrie Long describe community leadership in language and culture projects at Ti Tree. This is part 3 of a presentation at the WANALA Conference in Broome, September 2014.