Aboriginal Australians Create Online Hand Sign Dictionary

Aboriginal Australians Create Online Hand Sign Dictionary

Follow this link to read a review article about Iltyem-iltyem.com/sign/ Aboriginal Australians Create Online Hand Sign Dictionary   A project of Global Voices Online, Rising Voices aims to extend the benefits and reach of citizen media by connecting online media activists around the world and supporting their best ideas.  

Iltyem-iltyem in Land Rights News December 2012

Here’s a story about the Ti Tree sign team who are working on the Iltyem-iltyem project. It appeared in Land Rights News December 2012 edition.

The iltyem-iltyem team are currently grappling with some interesting issues related to the meaning of signs and the ways that sign and speech interact within a ‘sign utterance’ to express a composite meaning. One big question is about how to represent sign polysemy – the multiple meanings that can be expressed by an individual sign. […]

Welcome back Gail Woods

The iltyem-iltyem project is really happy that we have Gail Woods back for a few months, taking a breather from her sojourn at Ilha de Mozambique (http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/599). Gail, Jenny Green and Margaret Carew are now madly annotating video recordings, and working with our web designer Ben Foley to get the Iltyem-iltyem website up and running […]

Lizzie Ellis provided a number of signs used by her Ngaanyatjarra family in Tjukurla during her recording session with the iltyem-iltyem project on 16 November 2012. These included a number of family signs, some birds and animals and everyday objects.  One really interesting feature of Lizzie’s session was the importance she placed on certain facial […]

Home based recording studio for sign language, Gail Woods and Lizzie Ellis on the right. Lizzie Ellis reviews her recording footage. Today the iltyem-iltyem project extended its range into the Western Desert language Ngaanyatjarra, spoken around Tjukurla (on the WA side of the border between NT and WA). Lizzie Ellis, Gail Woods and Margaret Carew […]

Here are some screen grabs from the developing iltyem-iltyem website. The image on the left shows a category page, showing a couple of signs in the category ‘animal’, flagged by thumbnail images generated by the website from the first frame of the clips. On the right the image is of a clip playing of the […]

The Iltyem-iltyem blog has been pretty quiet lately. However, we have been working away steadily on the architecture for the new version of the iltyem-iltyem website. After a pilot phase with the Ti Tree language team developing the website concept and testing technical parameters, we have been designing and building a website which presents sign […]

2012-3 funding

We are happy to announce that the Arandic Endangered Languages Project has received new funding to continue until mid 2013. http://www.arts.gov.au/indigenous/ils/recipients This funding means that we continue into the next stage of the iltyem-iltyem project, and will also support our publishing projects on traditional music from Central Australia.