The iltyem-iltyem project is progressing well. We are almost ready to publicly launch the website, which now includes over 400 sign language clips. The project held a meeting this week at Ti Tree with the pilot team and everyone agreed to make all their clips available to the public. This means that people interested in the site will register, but will not require special permission to view the material. The photo shows April Campbell and Margaret Carew reviewing the site with the team.

The iltyem-iltyem project is planned to end in 2016, and there will be a review of all content before then. Up until that time, clips can be easily removed from public access if people wish. Once the project is completed, the site will be archived, and may also remain available as a public resource – this will depend on the outcomes of the review.

The Ti Tree team have been central to the project since it started in 2011, and it would not have been possible without their full involvement and enthusiastic support. Stay tuned for a launch date – it’s coming soon!