This week we took the signadome to Wilora, to record iltyem-iltyem with Kaytetye speakers. Wilora is a small community about 260km north of Alice Springs, just off the Stuart Highway. It is in the north-central Anmatyerr region, but many people living there have Kaytetye affiliations, and some older people speak Kaytetye. The purpose of the visit was to do some recording with people who have been associated with language projects over many years – including the Anmatyerr Dictionary project with Jenny Green, the Kaytetye Dictionary Project with Myfany Turpin and through Batchelor Institute training in Own Language Work and Visual Arts and Contemporary Crafts. We also wanted to consult with  community members about the iltyem-iltyem ‘sign language’ recording project, to discuss how the project might lead to useful and enjoyable language resources for the community and how the recordings should be archived. In the photo are Hilda Nambulla and Janie Mpetyane, with Elsie Numina behind. They are watching some of the Ti Tree sign language recordings. Jenny Green is playing these from a laptop, via an external monitor inside the signadome.