We have just returned from a week in Ti Tree, recording iltyem-iltyem ‘handsigns’ with the team up there, and showing the first version of an iltyem-iltyem website to the community. We were based at the Ti Tree school, and were able to set up a recording studio there. The team of signers this week were: Molly Naparrurla Presley, Helen Kemarr Long, Clarrie Kemarr Long, Marie Kemarr Long, Eileen Pwerrerl Campbell (all pictured) and Gayle Pengart Campbell. Also participating were Jenny Green, Ben Foley, Kasia Dabrowska and Margaret Carew. The project team worked in closely with Ti Tree local school staff April Pengart Campbell, Janie Long and Seraphina Presley, and took the opportunity to trial the website in the Indigenous Language and Culture classes in the school, as well as doing some handsign recording with Ti Tree school students. Many thanks to the staff and students of Ti Tree school for making the school available and participating in the trial of the first website of iltyem-iltyem.