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    The Iltyem-iltyem team presented at the Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research in January 2016.

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    Artist Charlotte Hayward has incorporated Iltyem-iltyem into her recent show Green Influx (A-M Gallery, Newtown, 15 July - 1 August 2015).

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    Women at Balgo are recording their hand talk. This film appears on ABC Open's Mother Tongue project. Filmmaker: Willie Lempert.

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    Eileen Pwerrerl Campbell uses angkety 'speech', tyepety 'sand drawing' and iltyem-iltyem 'sign language' to tell a story. Filmed by Jenny Green.

  • Eileen Pwerrerl and Clarrie Kemarr discuss birds using iltyem-iltyem.

    Clarrie Kemarr and Eileen Pwerrerl discuss birds in iltyem-iltyem, during a recording session in May 2015 at Ti Tree.

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    Karen Mezentsef is researching Iltyem-iltyem as part of her Honours year at the University of Melbourne.

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    Bridging the digital gap - an academic article about the Iltyemiltyem Sign Language project.

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    This is a screenshot of SIL's new sign language app, called SooSL. Click through for a link to more information about new Sign language apps in development.

  • April Pengart Campbell, being interviewed by ABC Open during the WANALA Conference in Broome, September 2014

    April Pengart Campbell, being interviewed by ABC Open during the WANALA Conference in Broome, September 2014

  • The Ti Tree sign language team

    The Ti Tree sign language team

  • We used a list of signs created by Adam Kendon. He was a linguist who worked on Warlpiri sign language during the 1970s.

    We used Adam Kendon's list of Warlpiri signs to record signs at Willowra.

This website is for people who want to teach and learn Central Australian sign languages. The word iltyem-iltyem is used in Anmatyerr to mean ‘signalling with hands, using handsigns’. It comes from the word iltya, ‘hand, finger’. Because this sign language project began with Anmatyerr people from the community of Ti Tree, we have named the website,  iltyem-iltyem. This word is equivalent to iltyeme-iltyeme  in Eastern/Central Arrernte and rdaka-rdaka in Warlpiri. In Kaytetye eltye eltyarrenke means ‘use hand signs’.


Iltyem-iltyem goes to TISLR

Iltyem-iltyem goes to TISLR

Jan 8, 2016

April describing languages in the Ti Tree area to the audience at the TISLR conference. April …

An artist’s response to Anmatyerr hand signs

An artist’s response to Anmatyerr hand signs

Aug 6, 2015

Artist Charlotte Haywood‘s recent show is called Green Influx, exhibited at A-M Gallery in Newtown, …

Murumpu Wangka! Kukatja Hand Talk

Murumpu Wangka! Kukatja Hand Talk

Jul 29, 2015

Here is a great film made by women at Balgo, showing approximately 40 signs that they use alongside their spoken language …

Angkety, tyepety, iltyem-iltyem

Angkety, tyepety, iltyem-iltyem

Jun 24, 2015


Eileen Pwerrerl Campbell is one of the leaders of the Iltyem-iltyem project.

She lives at Ti Tree, and is …


Black Comedy Sign Language

Some friends don't need words. Catch new episodes of #ABCBlackComedy on iview

Posted by ABC iview on Thursday, February 11, 2016

You mob better not be talking about me!

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